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Raven Series and Birds of Prey

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Mitch Robles Feeling the Wind Mitch Robles Two Little Pranksters LIttle Canyon Gods by Mitch Robles
Raven 43 by Mitch Robles Half Moon Raven 170 Raven 49 by Mitch Robles
Raven 61 Raven 98
Raven 170
Raven 63 Raven 03


Ravens No 55 Mitchell Robles
Ravens No 126 Mitchell Robles
Bird Series


Ledger Art, a transitional art genre of the Plains tribes of the late 19th century, inspired the Artist. Ledger Art records pictographic chronicles of heroic deeds, ceremony, daily life, and sacred visions, painted and drawn on accountant ledger book paper. With the Raven Ledger Art, Robles captures the spirit of these intelligent birds honored by Native Americans, and often portrayed as sly tricksters for their playful nature. One of the most sacred Chumash sites in California and in all North America, is Point Conception, traditionally named Humqaq, “the Raven comes.” Chumash historians explicitly identify Point Conception as a "gate" used by souls to enter the heavens and make their journey to paradise.


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